Fixpunkte RSFP-X90-20,-21,-25,-26

Fixed Points RSFP-X90-20 and RSFP-X90-21

Fixed Points RSFP-X90-25 and RSFP-X90-26

with heavy duty anchor for boreholes
of Ø 11-14 mm available in two lengths
for clamping points of Ø 22-26 mm (25) and Ø 27-30 mm (26), reusable 

For quick and permanent mounting of reference points on walls, rocks and other difficult but firm surfaces, parts RSFP-X90-20 and RSFP-X90-21 with pre-assembled heavy-duty anchors are recommended.

To do this, holes are drilled with a 12 drill and the reference point is then fixed with the heavy-duty anchor.

If you want to use the reference point for a long time, glue should be added to the borehole before assembly.

The RSFP-X90-25 and RSFP-X90-26 fixed points have been specially developed for the use of our products on construction sites. With these products, all clamping points on construction sites can be used as reference points.

RSFP-X90-25 is suitable for clamping points with a diameter of 22 mm and RSFP-X90-26 is used for clamping points with a diameter of 27 and 29 mm respectively.

These items are removed after use but can be reused when needed.

 The fixed point system RSFP-X90

The illustration shows all the products that can be used with the RSFP-X90-20, -21, -25 and -26 fixed point. Magnets in the base plate hold the reflective target or mini prism precisely on the desired spot.

Dimensioning file Accessories for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.