Miniprisma RSMP380M für Gleismonitoring

RSMP380M - Prism for Track Monitoring

Especial for monitoring of tracks and steel constructions we offer a magnetic version of our mini prism RSMP380.


•    Fastest fixing ever - even on wet surfaces
•    No need to clean or dry the surface 
•    Prism or magnet can be replaced if necessary

Tested in all weather condition over 6 months!

Caution: At temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius (176° F), the magnets may lose their adhesive force.
If such high temperatures are possible on the surface in your area of application, we recommend adding a little glue or generally gluing the prisms. For this reason, we have developed our RSFP-X80 adapter for mounting the prisms using adhesive (e.g. RSMK-Fix). Even with this installation method, the prisms can be used multiple times.

Offset: -16,9 (minus 16,9) [Leica +17,5]  
Prism RSMP380M at a track in Germany Prism RSMP380 at a track in USA

Dimensioning file RSMP380M.pdf for download.
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