It all started in 1997 with the Smart Datum Markers which have now been sold in their millions.

Foremen, site managers and architects used to complain about problems with surveyed levels. Georg Rothbucher developed the markers in close collaboration with them.

Over the years, again in close collaboration with site managers, architects and surveyors, an overall concept was developed for all survey points on site.

The patent-protected survey markers make the work of all these important people significantly easier. Frequently occurring sources of error are prevented and all survey points are permanently secured and recorded. A great deal of value is attached to the precision of measuring instruments when surveying. But what use are the best measuring instruments if the measuring points cannot be clearly assigned? It is still possible in some cases to find pencil lines, nail and other unidentifiable marks on walls. These methods are completely outdated. With RS Smart Datum Markers and Smart Targets, the precision of the measuring instruments is transferred to the wall, measuring points are permanently recorded and all the survey markers can be used for 3-dimensional monitoring. A new standard has been created in the field of surveying. All measuring points represent clear, permanent and unmistakable records on construction sites of all types.

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