Aufklappbare Bodenmarken für Drohnen

Ground Control Target, unfoldable 




  • Large, waterproofed target markers
  • UV resistant
  • Size 350 x 350 mm closed, 650 x 650 mm opened
  • Fixed points for use with drones
  • A central hole permits exact calibration by GPS
  • Can be secured to the ground with tent pegs
  • Can be used lots of times
  • Ideal for heights above 100 meters
  • Marker visibility is device and weather-dependent

The ground marks are printed on both sides: RSL532XL (red - white / black - white), RLS512XL (black - white / white - black).
Depending on the background, the lighter or darker side can be used.


Dimensioning file RSL512XL.pdf and RSL532XL for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product