Mini Prism 

RSMP15 ∅12.7 mm with angle plate, silver coating

RSMP15 with 12.7 mm mini prism sticks quickly and easily even to difficult surfaces, e.g. glass and marble façades, historic buildings, steel girders, rails, gas and oil pipelines, etc.

When using robotic total stations:

  • permanent settling measurements can be carried out during the building work
  • settling measurements are possible on railway tracks while under the load of rail traffic
  • bridges and other structures can be monitored even more quickly and precisely
  • In order to guarantee precise measurements, the sighting angle should be no more than 25°.
  • The ranges are dependent on the device and can be adversely affected by weather and environmental conditions.

 RSMP15 with 12.7 mm mini prism: Offset: -5.6 (minus 5.6) for Leica: +28.8

Dimensioning file RSMP15.pdf for download.
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