Reflective Target 30 x 30 mm with tilt function

Can be rotated through 180° and combined with other RS183!

RS183 sticks quickly and easily even to difficult surfaces, e.g. glass and marble façades, historic buildings, steel girders, rails, gas and oil pipelines, etc. or can be attached using plugs and screws.

When using tachymeters and robotic total stations

  • the reflective target can always be aligned accurately with the measuring instrument
  • the reflective target can be turned in a radius of 180° making it possible to use the same survey point from different directions
  • several reflective targets can be combined with each other due to the integrated connector system, making it possible to survey from different directions without having to turn the target – see examples

Range approx. 80 m
Offset: 0
Tilting axis height: 30 mm


The ranges are dependent on the device and can be adversely affected by weather and environmental conditions.




Dimensioning file RS183.pdf for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.

Examples of RS183 in combination:

  b_120_0_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_2.jpg b_120_0_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_3.jpg   b_120_0_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_6.jpg  b_120_0_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_8.jpg   b_120_0_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_14.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0001-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0002-800.jpgb_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0003-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0004-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0005-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0006-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0007-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0008-800.jpg b_200_150_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183_ANWENDUNGSVARIATIONEN_Fixpunkt_0009-800.jpg b_200_151_16777215_00_images_RS183_RS183r_Irland-800.jpg       


The fixed point can be glued to almost any substrate.

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Plastic cover RSPC10 protects prisms/reflective targets against dirt.

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METAL CUBE RSPC50 with 5/8' thread


Metal cube RSPC50 makes it easy to remove and replace the magnetic protective caps (RSPC10M) from the plastic housing – even in difficult positions.

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Find here an overview of dimension files.

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