Angled Plastic Adapters  

RSAK80 - Carrier Plate with screwed angle target RS80
RSAK130 - Plate with angle and 2 reflective targets

  • Unmistakable survey points
  • 3-dimensional monitoring of bridges
  • Roads no longer need to be closed or obstacles crossed as every measuring point can be checked from a distance of up to 200m, range depends on the measurement equipment
  • Simple and quick measurement and monitoring of buildings, façades, supporting structures, pillars, high rack storage facilities, dams and many other objects requiring monitoring
  • For monitoring the formwork during concrete pouring, e.g. for bridge arches, single-faced wall formwork
  • For monitoring railway tracks where there is surrounding building work e.g. bridge and tunnel construction, pressure grouting of railway lines, etc.
  • Measurements and monitoring are possible from virtually any angle and at locations which are difficult to access
  • The RSMP15 adapter with a 12.7 mm mini prism is used for all the applications referred to above if measurements using a prism are desired or necessary
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • Crosshairs are imprinted on the backing plate under the exact centre of the reflective target to ensure the survey point is durably marked. If the reflective target is damaged at any point, it can easily be replaced and the original survey point can be restored quickly, easily and cheaply.
  • The ranges are dependent on the device and can be adversely affected by weather and environmental conditions.


Dimensioning file RSAK80 and RSAK130.pdf for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product