RSMF10 bis RSMF16

RSMF10 to RSMF16 reference point series with magnet pot

We have developed the RSMF10 to RSMF16 product series for the quick and easy use of reference points on magnetic surfaces.

Reference points can easily be created in metal construction or on steel masts and columns. 

Installation step by step:

  • Place a dot in the desired position using a waterproof pen.

  • First place the marker or the prism near the desired reference point with the magnet pot and remove again immediately so that the magnet remains on the surface.

  • Now align the magnet so that the reference point is visible through the centre of the magnet and is exactly in the middle.

  • Then place the marker on top and it is ready for use. Due to their nature and form, the prisms can, for example, even be used in all directions.


Referenzpunktserie mit Magnettopf RSMF10 bis RSMF16

Safety information

Dimensioning file RSMF10 to RSMF16 for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.