Smart Targets with reflective target RS50+RS51*, RS60+RS61*
Smart Target with crosshair RS70+RS71* (*self-adhesive)

  • For quick positioning with the tachymeter and all common measuring instruments
  • For bridge and tunnel construction
  • Long-term monitoring of bridges and buildings
  • For measuring and monitoring façades
  • For monitoring the formwork during concrete pouring, e.g. for bridge arches, single-sided wall formwork, etc.
  • For industrial construction and hall construction
  • For production lines
  • For ensuring heights and axes are securely marked
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • Can be mounted even on difficult surfaces
  • Crosshairs are imprinted on the backing plate under the exact centre of the reflective target to ensure the survey point is durably marked. If the reflective target is damaged at any point, it can easily be replaced and the original survey point can be restored quickly, easily and cheaply.
  • RS50+RS51, RS60+RS61: The ranges are dependent on the device and can be adversely affected by weather and environmental conditions.

Dimensioning file RS50-51, RS60-61.pdf and RS70-71.pdf for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product