RSFP-X90-5 + RSFP-X99-5

Adapter RSFP-X90-5 and RSFP-X99-5

In combination with Leica bolts there is the RSFP-X90-5 adapter, enabling all our products with a magnetic base to be easily attached to any Leica bolt. 

If greater magnetic adhesion to the adapter is desired or required, we recommend the RSFP-X99-5 adapter (e.g. in tunnels).

For example, it is beneficial to use convergence bolts with Leica bolts in tunnels with our "One fixed point for all instruments" system.

Dimensioning file Accessories for series RSFP-X90 to RSFP-X99 for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.