RSFP-X99-1 für schnelle Fixpunkte auf den Baustellen und für BIM-Referenzpunkte in Tunneln     

RSFP-X98 Floor Stand

The RSFP-X98 floor stand is used on construction projects to establish reference points when neighbouring buildings or other objects are missing. For this purpose, the floor stand is pressed into soil, the foundation course or into the first concrete to flow on the construction site and is used as a temporary solution for reference points.
Another practical application is its use as a temporary but easily established reference point for relocating total stations or scanners.

It is also part of our “One reference point for all instruments” system.
The floor stand is thus available straightaway for every instrument at any location.

one fixed point for all instruments  

The illustration shows all the products that can be used with the RSFP-X98 fixed point. Magnets in the base plate hold the reflective target or mini prism precisely on the desired spot.


Dimensioning file  Accessories for series RSFP-X90 to RSFP-X99 for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product.