Laserscanner target RSL602M and RSL672M

Laser scanner and drone targets 



with swivel and tilt function, magnetic

Laser scanner and drone targets with special magnetic base

  • Ball bearing joints allow the laser scanner target to be aligned smoothly in any direction while always remaining precisely on axis and in position.
  • The target can be used as a scanner or drone target
  • Available in two versions:
    A) Article RSL602M – with a 200 x 200 mm target, tilting axis height 150 mm
    B) Article RSL672M – with a 300 x 300 mm target, tilting axis height 200 mm
  • Fixed points for linking several viewpoints
  • Assignment of spatial reference information to a geodata set even over longer ranges.

Magnetic base:

  • Special magnetic base with 10 magnets for all metallic surfaces and other applications
  • The cavity on the magnetic base for use in conjunction with the fixed point system RSFP-X90 to RSFP-X99
  • When using the targets in conjunction with the RSFP-X90-1, RSFP-X90-2, RSFP-X90-3 or. RSA-5/8-1 adapters:
    A) This allows the laser scanner target to be placed on any standard tripod or trivet. See fig.
    B) This allows the laser scanner target to be placed exactly over an RS Mini Prism. See fig.

Due of the dead weight, the RSFP-X99 fixed points with greater magnetic force are recommended for the use of the marks on walls or non-metallic surfaces.

Dimensioning file RSL602M.pdf and RSL672M.pdf for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product