Reflective Target RS195M, RSMP395M Mini Prism and 220 degree Mini Prism with tilting axis height 100mm

Tilting axis height 100 mm

RS195M, RSMP392M, RSMP395M and RSMP495M

The Mini Prisms RSMP392M, RSMP395M and the Reflective Target RS195M and the 220 degree Mini Prism RSMP495M have a tilting axis height of 100 mm, thus enabling the exact calibration of the following reference points by means of a total station:

  • Laser scanner target RSL422M
  • Laser scanner sphere RSLB10M
  • Ground control target and Mobile mapping target RSL-X95M

Thus, accuracies of ± 1 mm can be achieved using scanners and ground controls.

Reflective Target RS195M

Offset: 0, tilting axis height: 100 mm

Mini Prisms RSMP392M and RSMP395M

Offset: -16,9 (Leica +17,5), tilting axix height: 100 mm

220 Degree Mini Prism RSMP495M

Offset: 0 (Leica +34,4), tilting axix height: 100 mm

Kippachshöhe 100 mm bei RSLB10M, RSL422M, RSMP380 und RS183

Dimensioning file RS195M, RSMP392MRSMP395M and RSMP495M for download.
Here you find a dimensioning file for each RS product