SLAM and Lidar Target RSL-X93M
Scanner and Lidar Target RSL-X93M* (*magnetic)

Some scanner or Lidar-based instruments prefer reference points that can be aimed straight ahead. 
For these instruments, the RSL-X93M target is made for.

Additional advantages:

  • Can also be used with scanners from Leica, Geomax, Faro and ZF (Zoller+Fröhlich)
  • Perfectly suited for NavVis devices, as it can be stopped exactly at the measuring point (see video below)
  • Fixed points for connecting several positions
  • Assignment of space-related reference information to a geodata set
  • More precision because the fixed point can be measured with total stations in advance (e.g. with mini prism RSMP395M)
  • Part of our surveying accessories system “One reference point for all instruments” 

Thanks to HANACK UND PARTNER mbB for this video!

Dimensioning file RSL-X93M.pdf for download.
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